No: 1 Upton Park

Known as "The Hollies" briefly Eardsley in late 1950s / early 1960s
No:1 from the side ..1 & 3 at end of road No: 1 from the side garden..........................nos: 1&3 with no:1 on left

Earliest history of plots 27 & 28

Early history common with no:3

In the 1950s; Mrs Dolly Hinde (aunt to Graham Hinde of no:3) who was possibly already a tenant, bought the house from the landlord - Mr Ollerhead.

During the 1980s the house was acquired by the Borman family with five boys. Mr Borman was a Building Inspector and carried out significant refurbishment of the property.

It is currently the home of Dr Steve and Dr Paula Kaye with children George and Claire.

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