No. 10 Upton Park

Known as 'The Garth' (garth being a word for 'yard') formerly Morcove

Earliest history of these developments

Built in 1930; the original owner was Mr J H Jones a bookseller in Werburgh Street Chester.
Mrs M C Loadman (Mrs Lees' mother) bought it in 1934. Her husband W A Loadman had been a greengrocer in Chester's Watergate Street. Unnamed originally she named it Morcove - the name reputedly coming from a girl's magazine about a girl's schgool.

Mrs Loadman then bought the bungalow (no:6) and moved there in 1936/7. No:10 was then let to tenants. Her son James C Loadman lived at No:10 from 1946-50 before moving to Kenya

The home of Mr & Mrs Lees and family since 1950; although Mrs Lees grew up in nos: 10 & 6. Their daughters Valerie and Helen grew up in no:10 and have now flown the nest. Andy Lees has audited the Park accounts since 1959.

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