No:13 Upton Park

Known as Lyndale since 1925 but previously other names
Ivy Cottage; Laburnum Bank; originally part of Laburnum Villas

For early history of the plot & its development

The frontage pre-WW1

Thomas Wood's widow occupied the house alone in 1891 aged 76yrs. When she died and who subsequently owned and occupied the house is not known until 1908 when Walter Cockram and family arrived - possibly as tenants initially but the 1911 electoral roll implies owner occupier. They stayed until c1920 and took many photographs around the Park and their home. Walter's great granddaughter - Janet Walsh - later lived at no:9 and several of the photographs now in her possesion have been reproduced in this history. .

relaxing in back garden pre-WW1
relaxing in back garden pre-WW1

working the back garden - note the livestock - chickens?
working the back garden pre-WW1

damaged damson trees following the heavy snow winter 1912. Note the privy?
damaged trees winter 1912

The 1921 electoral roll lists only the Furleys - AWS and Daisy Rebecca - who acquired other Upton Park property at that time.

The 1925 Park accounts ledger shows the rate payer changing from Furley to Mr. E W Hylton Stewart of Queens Park Chester. The 1929 electoral roll records Eric and Miriam Hylton Stewart but by 1939 they have returned to Queens Park and have rented Lyndale to Raymond & Elsie Musgrave - still there in 1945. From 1950 the account shown as with Mrs Hylton Stewart until 1954 and then under the name Mrs Good until 1962.

From 1962 to the late 1970s the occupiers were the Sowerby family - Tom and Megan with children Janet Roland and Peter. Tom was a self-employed painter & decorator and he is recalled as being the one who always wanted to light the fireworks for the annual Park Nov 5th celebrations. Janet recounts how her father told of business picking up after moving into the Park. Janet and Peter still live locally but Roland now lives in Australia and has contributed to the website 'guestbook'.

Ian Pillow and family owned the property late 1970s / early 1980s. Ian was a violinist with the Liverpool Philharmonic. They were followed by the Formstone family.

From the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s the Bye family owned Lyndale. Richard Bye was UPPA chairman during the early 1990s.

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