No:15 Upton Park

Now known as Carden Bank Initially named Norton Villa.

For early history of the plot & its development

Like Holly Bank (no:17) next door; the property had a well and a handpump to pump water up to the loft. The guage on the wall outside then showed the water level.

Carden Bank must be the last house in the Park to have had a stable built. During the 1970's the Parkers demolished the backyard with its outside toilet and the disused scout hut; building a workshop and by 1980 a stable.

  • The 1891 census shows Lead works manager William Morris and family in residence.
  • By 1921 the Park accounts show owner as Mr Anderson possibly taking over from Mr A Weaver (unless he was the tenant?)and the square yardage as 927. Anderson changed the name to Carden Bank in the early 1920's.
  • Brigadier and Mrs Stewart from 1950 until widowed Mrs Stewart moved to no 102
  • Robin & Gweneth Parker and family from Dec 1968. The Parkers created the lawn; removing the mass of raspberry canes and other growth. The main front bedroom acquired a lock retrieved from Eaton Hall where JCParkers were engaged in demolition work.

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