No:19 Upton Park

Now known as Parkstone Hawthorne Villa until mid-1920's

For early history development of the plot

showing the side of no:19 with front elevations of 19/21- NB two photos
No:19 Parkstone No:19 Parkstone

It is most likely that William Pitt and family lived in no:19 during the early 1870s after moving from no:84. By 1881, the occupier was Fanny Wannop - possibly the mother of William in no:9). It is likely that she was a tenant of Pitt's. By 1891 only William Fitch is named for the double property of Hawthorne Villa.

Charles Dean born 1880 into the Mill owners family eventually acquired Parkstone which then passed after his death (c1920) to his sister Miss Helen (Nellie) Dean b1878 until c1950. Nellie was remembered by Stan Whaley (no:58) as being 'very short very stout very deaf and very difficult'.

The next owner was Mrs.Dobie, wife of solicitor Cyril Dobie - Douglas Dobie owned Upton House in 1911 but relationship has not been established.

Aquired by Ken and Margaret Starkie c.1956. The Starkie family stayed until they built Fosse Way (no:60) and moved there in 1967.

After David & Kay Grant, Paul & Gill Stevenson then owned the house from 1975 to 1985. They built the extension as seen central in the photograph.

Now the home on Nicola Quartermaine and her family

Nicola Quartermaine in her 1920's Vauxhall 30/98.
Nicola's car

For early house history see under no:21

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