No:2 Upton Park

Known as The Westing since build c1924.

Earliest history of these developments

The house fronts onto Mill Lane but with its side entrance drive onto Upton Park. Facing west the house probably had a clear westerly view when first built although property was developed opposite in the 1930s. The Park accounts ledger first records The Westing at 840 sq yds in 1925. It appears that the first owners were Frank and Phylis Randles who lived there until c1934.

Ownership then transfered to JHLightfoot of The Gables in Upton. The property was rented out with Garfield and Dorothy Cox as tenants during the WW2-period. Daughter Jean Cox ( now Jean Spriggs) recalls attending Mrs Brocklebank's kindergarten (no:31), scrumping apples from The Garden House (no:28), learning to horse ride on 'Brownie' with the Sabine girls (no:23) and enjoying Mrs Loadman's (no:6) homemade apple pies.

From 1955 until after 1962; Park accounts name Mr E E Winter as the ratepayer.

By the 1970s the owner-occupiers were the Osborne family staying into the 1990s.

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