No:20 Upton Park

Originally named Bulawayo Later called Orchard Close although that name no longer used.

Early history of the land

Built c1955 for Mr Lloyd who owned the land as part of Laverstock (no:14). He had served with the Rhodesian Police and wrote a book on his experiences there during the Roy Walenski era. Back in the UK he was involved in security on the Eaton estate. The bungalow was built with most of its garden grounds to its front. A double garage has been added and the original garage of Laverstock demolished. In 1956 this property had the 2nd highest rateable value at 58 and the accounts were being settled by the Chester estate agents Swetenham with Lloyd still in Rhodesia.

By 1963 the RV was still the 2nd highest at 202 and with the owner noted in Park accounts records as C H Band. Subsequently the bungalow passed to the Giffin family.

Currently the home of Jim & Doreen Judge who raised their family of three daughters there. Jim was a GP in Chester and Doreen taught at the Queens Prep school. They bought the house in 1972 at auction securing the purchase at less cost then they had earlier offered.

The much smaller property sometimes mistaken for no:20 can be found at the beginning of the drive but as yet no-one has ever been found in -

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