No:21 Upton Park

Now known as Norland House - previously Hawthorne Villa
(the name being taken when the current owners built no:62 and moved to it.

For early history development of the plot

No:21 from the front garden

The 1871 census records show George T Holland as head of household with a family. By 1881 he has progressed from a rail clerk to being a coal merchant & agent with only youngest son still at home.

By 1891 census - William Fitch a retired hair dresser and his wife Susannah. Also recorded in the 1901 census and electoral roll but not in the 1911 electoral roll. Advertisements for his hairdressing & perfumery business at 11 Bridge Street Row can be seen in copies of the Chester Chronicle dated Nov 1859. He was an active member of the Proprietors during the early 1900s.

Believed to be Susannah Fitch aged 77yrs in 1910. Memories of her were that she classically dressed as the Victorian widow. She died in 1916.

Their daughter Elizabeth Fitch married John Whaley and their son Horace Whaley bought Mona Villa (no:58) in 1915 on the encouragement of Mrs Fitch.

After the death of Mrs Fitch the new occupiers were Henry (Harry) Ebrey Crane - remembered as a chubby cheerful Bank Manager - and his wife Mabel.

The earliest Park accounts records show the owner as Mrs Margaret Davies of Rossett Nr Wrexham - possibly on inheritance from the Fitchs. The Square yardage is given as 1084.
By 1937; Mrs M Davies is still shown as owner but rates handled by an agent - W E Brown & Son Pepper Str Chester.

By 1939 the occupiers were the Craig family and by 1945 the Park accounts record Mr Craig as the ratepayer.

Mrs McClellan from ?? to 1952
C W Wilson & family from 1952 to 1962; moving to their new 'Hawthorns' (no:62)

When Major Brunton acquired the property he established the housename of Norland House.

The 1976 Park Newsletter show the occupiers as Rea,Holland,Hardy & Cheales. This is interesting in that Hollands were the first family.

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