No23 Upton Park

Known as The Beeches since early 1900s
With no:25 named as Chatham Villas when built c 1870
Records suggest other names in intervening years -
- Sunnyside in 1881; Woodbine in 1891; The Baden
and the becoming The Beeches once the trees became established - at least by 1920.

no 23 from side nos:23 and 25

see early history of plots 22 & 30

Originally the property was a 'square' main house with a back annex on a smaller scale (eg lower ceilings) presumably as kitchen and servants quarters. Further extension; as first shown on the 1936 OS; provided a single story further back room and a double garage.

The 'swing both ways' serving door in the corridor between the scullery and the main house has been retained. The servants quarters upstairs are now integrated with the rest of the house and reached by taking two steps down from the height of the main upstairs corridor.

Small buildings shown in the courtyard in the early OS surveys - presumably outside toilet and washhouse have been demolished and the yard has recently been enclosed in a conservatory.

    Owners from 1919
  • The ledger from 1921 to 1963 shows Harold W T C Sabine as the owner of the property. A civil engineer he was chairman of the Park for over 20yrs and established the committee as we know it today. He was clearly one of the lead players in the history of the Park. Mrs Sabine died in 1963 but Harold continued to live there until his death. Their grandson Tony - son of Roger - recalls visits to the house during his childhood.

  • Ian & Anna-Marie Morris became the owner occupiers in 1967. Ian became Park Treasurer in 1970.
  • W R Carter and family from 1976.
  • Peter Holmes and family from the early 1980's until 1987. Peter had one of the beech trees felled which caused much concern and disgust from some fellow residents who considered that it had been done simply to gain more light and enable a lawn to grow. A lament written by Ken Starkie was circulated with the AGM notice and which led to heated debate at the AGM. Peter Holmes responded with his own poem in the style of Rudyard Kiplings 'If'.
  • Currently the home since 1987 of Chris and Katie Quartermaine and family. The Christmas Eve 1997 gales took out another Beech - almost a clean snap at about 1m high. Only one old Beech now remains.

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