No:25 Upton Park

Known as The Limes
with no:23 named Chatham Villas when built c1870.
No:25 retained the Chatham Villa name probably until the Lime tree-lined track to the stables/coachhouse became integrated within its grounds c1920.

see early history of plots 22 & 30

No:25 The Limes ...... No:25 The Limes

    Owners from 1919
  • Conveyed 15 December 1919 H W T C Sabine to Annie May Carbutt from Sherwood Nottingham wife of Benjamin Carbutt. The mortgagees were Silk & Velvet Manufacturer William Fox and James Fox. Daughter Betty Carbutt is remembered living at The Limes although by 1945 both she and her mother were tenants at no:18.

  • During the early 1920s it is believed that Charles Blandford and his sister Annie moved into the house initially as tenants. They are believed to have fled from Ireland after their mansion had been destroyed. On 25 March 1924 Charles Blandford bought the house from Mrs Annie M Carbutt. By 1940 the records show only Annie J Blandford.
  • Conveyed 10 July 1946 A J Blandford to A Proctor

  • Conveyed 1 April 1949 A Proctor to Cyril B Davies and his wife Jessie.

  • Conveyed 31 October 1958 C B Davies to J H & H Taylor

  • Conveyed 3 July 1962 Mr & Mrs J H Taylor to J F Johnson
    The garden/orchard opposite was sold to the Wilson family to build Hawthorns (no:62) in 1962.

  • Conveyed 1 September 1966 to I Wynne Jones. His wife Beatrice was elected to the District Council for 1976-9 standing for CRAG - the Chester Residents Action Group.

  • Conveyed 27 February 1981 to Paul & Jenny Jennings

  • Currently the home of Kevin and Annemarie Asbridge since late 1990's. They have carried out considerable refurbishment very much retaining the period of the property. The front porch has been enhanced and the 2nd floor extended out over it.

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