No. 26 Upton Park

Built in 1967 as one of two houses built by a developer on plot 15 - known as the orchard plot.

picture of no:26

Earliest history of plots 14 & 15

Known previously as Laurlands and owned by Bill Fieldhouse and family. In 1974 they carried out a small single storey extension at the rear. It was then briefly home to the Holmes family. French Mrs Chantelle Holmes, gave the house a French name (Brisant) and she gave birth to baby Oliver.

Now the home of the Mason family since Aug 1984. The house had been empty for almost a year and the garden had that 'jungle' look. Major modification was carried out in 1997. Phil Mason has provided the technical management of Park roads for several years having formalised the process by introducing a schedule of rates.

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