No. 28 Upton Park

Now known as Garden House
- formerly Sycamore Cottage and then The Briars

picture of no:28 from opposite

Earliest history of plots 14 & 15

The build date has not yet been established but the use of engineering red and blue Westminster brick (characteristic interleaved W M) suggests that it may have been built in the 1890s. The two side wings and the frontage are later extensions.

The house; probably as first built; is shown on the 1898 OS survey.

Under the name of Sycamore Cottage and probably with the house as originally built; the property was bought by R S Johnson around 1905 and its history in that era known from the recollections of Grace Johnson. The Johnsons extended the property with side wings and renamed the house The Briars.

The earliest Park accounts records in 1921 coincide with the ownership change to Miss Longworth Dames and gives the total area as 2582 sq yds. the first recorded owner Miss Dames changed the housename to The Garden House and lived in the Park for 40 years
-a strong character and well remembered.
She was reputedly a refugee 'from the Irish troubles' and was infamous for her strictness - she would walk around with a stick ordering residents to get their hedges trimmed; drive slowly etc. She is remembered as a tall spindley woman with a loud voice who kept dogs. When she died her live-in uniformed maid Eva was taken on by Mrs Carbutt of no:18.

Following her death in 1961; the estate was inherited by her neice from Ireland who auctioned Garden House and the orchard plot seperately.

Ron and Betty Lloyd bought Garden House, moving in December 1962. Betty relates her dream that clearly meant they were destined to live there. Ron had the frontage extended out and demolished the lean-to greenhouse on the house side as featured in the 1898 OS survey.

In 1984? they decided to build a house in the grounds and in 1985?; Betty and daughter Shirley moved in to no:30. Son Jeremy with wife Jenny and sons Nicholas & Simon? moved into no:28. Without any boundary fence between the two; the shared lawn has been useful to the two boys growing-up.

The Lloyds have been active within UPPA - Ron serving as Chairman and Vice chairman while Jenny is currently secretary.

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