No:31 Upton Park

Known as Mayfield No:31 Mayfield

This photograph claims to be of the front garden in Summer 1913. If it is then the house is immediately off picture to the left.
No:31 front garden 1913

Earliest history of plots 27 & 28

Mayfield and Belmont (no:33) shared a well - built on their boundary in the back garden.

Mayfield is named in both the 1881 and 1891 census returns with occupants brother and sister James and Mary Clark.

The earliest Park accounts ledger of 8 April 1921 record Mayfield at 1074 sq yds owned by representatives of F Maddock. This suggests that the house had stayed with the Maddock family since being built. The 1921 electoral roll lists 2 tenants - Stanley Maddocks and Thomas Harold Davies.
Owned by organmaker Mr Robert Gardner Brocklebank from c1933 from the estate of Mr Maddock. Mrs Marjorie Brocklebank operated a nursery school from Mayfield. This had upto about 10 young children including Robin & David Parker and others from the Park. Robert made swings for the children from spare pipework. Probably after her husband's death; by 1947 Mrs RC Brocklebank now of Halkyn Road Newton is shown as owner into the mid-late 1950's.

The UPPA Minutes for January 1959 record Mr Hunt proposing to divide Mayfield into flats having been told by his solicitor that no restrictive covenants affected Mayfield.

Blackwell then shown from early 1960's. By 1976 Margaret Rowlands and her family. By 1980 the Rogers.

Currently the home of the Gifford family - Malcolm and Judy and their four sons

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