No:32 Upton Park

Now known at Levens House but originally Rock Cottage

Earliest history of plot 13 and land to its rear

The 1911 electoral roll names ownership with Henry William Thorn as an absent landlord living in Mold.

The earliest Park accounts dated 8 April 1921 show Rock Cottage at 2230sq yds owned by Mrs Martyn but the account settled by solicitor Mr Gerald Stephan Martyn (presumably her son) c/o Potts Potts & Gardner of Northgate Street. By 1935 Gerald Martyn (presumably following his mother's death)had become the owner and living in the Park. Gerald Martyn was chairman in 1935 for just one year preceeding the twenty year reign of Harold Sabine. Martyn remained active as a committee member. The Martyn's kept horses within their fairly extensive grounds and Mrs Dorothy Martyn was often seen in her pony & trap. She also kept chickens and would take neighbours gifts of eggs when she thought it appropriate.

Gerald Martyn died 5 July 1949 at the age of 70 yrs and the property was sold in 1950 to Mr Thomas.

Dr Ken Sconce (son of Councillor Charlie Sconce) bought the house in 1951 changing the name from Rock Cottage to Levens House reputedly after Levens in Cumbria his birthplace. He was a GP. His son Jonathan is believed to have become a doctor as well. Dr Sconce was Park Chairman after the resignation of Harold Sabine and is remembered as driving a Bentley. At the time of the early 1950's before new post WW2 houses were built ; Levens House was by far the highest council rated Park property at 68. The flat roofed adjoined side double garage was added by the mid 1950s and it appears that the corner around the front door is an extension.

Mrs Jackson then acquired the house around the late 1960's and she has reminiced how she planted the laurel hedge to provide some sunbathing privacy for her daughter. Mrs Jackson also recalls a door in the middle of the large front bay window.

Jim and Margaret Irvin then owned the house through to the late 1970's during which they hosted the evening celebrations of the Queen's Silver Jubilee Park celebrations.

In the late 1970's Jim Irvin built the bungalow no:32a and following ill-health the Irvins then moved into the bungalow and sold Levens House to the Hinsleys who only stayed about 18 months.

Currently the home of Art and Bep Le Miere and family since June 1980. Their children Julian, Suzanne and Christian were raised here and subsequently flown the nest.

View the OS maps to post-1936 for ground plan surveys

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