No: 33 Upton Park

Known as Belmont

picture of no:33

Earliest history of plots 27 & 28

Belmont is not mentioned in the 1881 or 1891 census returns although one unnamed dwelling recorded in 1881 could be Belmont with occupants widow Diana Burnett and her three spinster daughters.

The 1921 Park accounts ledger records Belmont owned by Major Whitley. From 1936 Mrs Whitley is recorded.

In 1946 the house was acquired by the Adams family who had now outgrown their Selkirk Road home after the return from WW2 of daughter Mary Evans with her family. Mary was married to Group Captain Thomas Evans and had two sons - David and John.
picture of David & John in drive picture of garden - Evans children & friends

Marjorie Marjorie Adams and Phyllis Adams were both teachers in Chester schools.

Group Captain Tommy Evans was renowned for his sports cars which he initially garaged at no:6 and subsequently built a very large garage complete with a service pit. Belmont remained the family home until 1988 when it was acquired for two years by Shanahan before the Hedley family - Colin and Joan with children Ruth and Laura.

The garage was subsequently demolished and was a pile of bricks when acquired by the Hedleys. Colin Hedley then cleared the site in the late 1990s and built a new double garage.

see yarns re use of old garage once as venue for an UPPA AGM

During the late 1990s Belmont has been extended; very much in keeping with the existing building.

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