No:42 Upton Park

Known originally as Grafton Villas (with no:40) but later no:42 became The Nook.

picture of no:42 from opposite

no:42 on the left

For early history of the plot & its development

For its first 100 years this dwelling was owned by a landlord. From build this was William Haswell - a Marble & Stone Mason of 31 Parkgate Road Chester. He died 18 December 1926 and the dwelling was sold by his representatives - George William Haswell and solicitor Sydney George Sharpe - on 12 January 1928 to John Crosby who owned and resided next door at no:40. After John died on 5 March 1939 the property passed to his daughter Nettie (ENBB Crosby). Not until after Nettie Crosby's death did her trustees - Henry Potts of St John's Street Chester - sell the property on 3 July 1975 to the incumbent tenant Leo Jackson. Documents suggest that he did not acquire the full back garden initially requiring another transaction to gain the back triangle.

Tenants are named in the census records and electoral rolls. The 1901 census records the tenants but which household is not clear. The Wynne family were tenants during the 1920s and the Mrs Dorothy Loveday Blagden there in 1945 is believed to have been the daughter of Mrs Martyn from no:32.
Leo Jackson initially rented the property on 21 March 1952 moving in from Miss Crosby's home (no:40) where he was presumably a lodger.

Now as owners, the Jacksons stayed until Mr Jackson's death in the mid-1980's. (NB these Jacksons were no relation to the Jacksons of no:32). Son Leo; still living in Chester; recalls other boys of similar age during the 1950s and 1960s.

After Mrs Jackson had moved to her son's home; she sold the property in January 1987 to Andrea McLean.

For 1987 & 1988 Park records name Meredith as occupants.

The property was conveyed in August 1989 to David Jerome Gervais and his wife Janet Lynne. In 1990 they carried out a 2-storey extension at the rear adding a bedroom, back lounge and lobby.
They also carried out general renovation including DPC.

In 1996 ownership transfered to Duncan Ryalls and Sheila Callaghan - the current incumbents - now with their family Cameron and Patrick.

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