No. 44 Upton Park

Known as Treehaven since being built at the end of WW2

picture of house from side garden

Earliest history of plots 8,9 & 10

Now much enlarged since the original which was restricted by post war building regulations to a 1200 value.

It was built by Mr Frederick Oldham who was living with his mother-in-law Mrs Annie Carbutt in no:18). As the family grew they moved to a bigger house in Church Lane Upton which they also named Treehaven.

The next residents - Tommy Trelfa and family developed the gardens - very much a feature of no:44. The Trelfas sold in 1977/8 to Mr & Mrs Denny who only stayed for about 6 months.

The current residents - John & Christine Browne with daughter Claire; moved in in 1978 and carried out a major extension in 1981?. Christine a keen horticulturist has further developed the gardens and attained local horticultural prizes.

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