No:54 Upton Park

Known as Redlands since being built in 1953

Earliest history of plots 8,9 & 10

Redlands was built in 1953 by Capstick & Owen Ltd. Bill and Joan Capstick moved into Redlands with their two sons David and Richard. The house was built to a similar pattern of their previous home in Woolton which Bill had built in 1938. They named the house Redland after the Redland district of Bristol, the home of Joan Capstick.

The UPPA minute book 1953 records the committee viewing of the building plans and the welcome extended to prospective new proprietor Mr Capstick who then joined the UPPA committee in 1954 continuing through into the 1960s.

The house was bought in October 1973 by the current owners, David and Barbara Capstick who moved in with their two children, Joanna and Anthony. David was also active in the running of UPPA, serving as secretary and producing an UPPA newsletter for several years.

Redlands from the rear garden - image taken from a drawing

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