No:58 Upton Park

Now known as Emanuel
formerly Lowther and Mona Villa but originally Fern Bank (as no:56)

showing the extension built in the late 1990s considerably increasing the size of the property.

For early history of plot 1

There is no evidence that Foulkes actually lived in the house; it is likely that he was the landlord for a while. The 1881 census records the Pugh and Wess households in the double property. Edward Pugh as Chief Railway Clerk being the most likely for no:58 since there are many indications of the house's association with the railway. By 1891 the occupier is recorded as Railway Engineer/Clerk Owen Robinson.

By 1901 the housename had become Mona Villa.

In the autumn of 1914 the house was bought from the Robinsons by Horace Whaley - nephew of Mrs Fitch who lived at Hawthorns (no:21).

Horace Whaley - a member of Upton Cricket Club

The 1921 Park accounts ledger records Mona Villa with an area of 1230 sq yds.

The Whaleys had three children - Stan (191x - 198x?) Nora(b.1916) and Don (b.1919).
see Stan's reminiscences of the house and garden . The family left in 1932 when Horace was appointed Chief Clerk at the railway company's Holyhead station.

Initially Mona Villa was then let to Francis and Maria Thelwell who subsequently bought the house staying there into the 1950s. Francis was a chief clerk with the City? council.

In 1956; builder Mr D Jones of Upton Heath applied to build a bungalow in the grounds. The application contravened the restrictive covenant and was withdrawn with the land being returned to the owner on Mona Villa.

Plans for a glass house in the grounds were presented to the UPPA committee in 1965 and approved.

Owned by Mr Spruce in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1973 he submitted a planning application to build a property in his grounds.

The current owners; Paul and Eileen Howard; bought the house 1991/2 from Spruce.

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