No:66 Upton Park

Known as Firdene

Earliest history of plots 19,20,21

By the time of the 1921 Park accounts ledger; Firdene was seperately noted as 2680 sq. yds and had a tennis court and coach house and incorporated plot 21 as its grounds. The 1921 Electoral Roll does not record any occupation.

After plot 21 was developed; the Furleys moved into it and rented out no:66. The electoral rolls show the Taylor family in 1939 and the Tregoning family in 1945.

When the Furleys moved to Scotland post WW2; their son stayed in Oakley (no:68) but they sold Firdene.

The first new owner appears to have been A O'Nians possibly as an absent landlord. In 1951 Firdene was acquired by Miller & Joyce Broadfoot who stayed into the mid-1980s. Miller is believed to have been with the CEGB and to have been aged 89 when he left. They had a son and a daughter.

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