No:68 Upton Park

Known as Oaklea

Earliest history of plots 19,20,21

The earliest Park accounts ledger of 8 April 1921 records Oaklea at 5844 sq yds incorporating plot 19. This property was the highest Park rate payer (4/17/4d -more than twice any other single named plot/property- in the days when the rate was based on plot area. The ground area reduced to 3906 sq yds after plot 19 was sold.

    Under Furley's ownership; Oaklea appears to have had tenants -
  • 1921 - George & Elsie Matthias
  • 1929 - Esther & Thomas Mathias
  • 1939 - George & Francis Coleman
  • 1945 - The Cook and Sinclair families

    After WW2 AWS Furley moved to Scotland and the Park Accounts ledger records son R Furley until 1954.

    1954 accounts record Mr Beeley although Mrs Broadhead is believed to have lived in Oaklea during the mid-1950s. Ron and Joyce Ross then bought the property in 1957 moving from Upton Drive. Ron soon installed the letterbox by the gate and as recalled by his wife, he was rewarded by the very first letter being a 300 winnings on the football pools. They stayed for 12 years selling in 1968 to David and Sheila Docherty and family who moved to the area from Scotland. David who contributed to the Park tradition for vintage cars soon joined the UPPA committee. They stayed until the late-1990s.

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