No:7 Upton Park

Known as White Cottage but originally Lily Villa no 7 from side

Earliest history of plot 26

The 1871 & 1881 census records Miss Evans - an artist in watercolours - as householder; and the housename change to Lilley House.

By 1891 census the Ballance household. William Balance is on the 1901 electoral roll.

The earliest records of the name White Cottage appear in the first Park accounts ledger of 1921.

The 1921 accounts show the owner as Mr Albert Dean (No relationship with the Dean family of the Mill has been established). Sq yardage shown as 861 - the exact same as the other half of the semi (no:5)

In 1925 the accounts records show the property passing to Willian Jeffs. By 1935 he is shown as absent and the account going via Swetenham & Whitehouse of Abbey Green until 1937.

Acquired by Mr James Cecil Parker and Mrs Elsie May Parker in 1937; the property remained with the Parker family for many decades. Cecil Parker was an active Park committee member during the middle years of the 20th century. Seen here in his garden.
(Cecil Parker in the garden with no:9 in background
For more on the Parker family see under people of the Park.

Cec died in 1970 while still at no:7. With his love of old cars the garden was still full of them.

During the Parker era the enclosed backyard was demolished enabling the enlargement of the kitchen.

After the death of Cec; son Robin having taken on J C Parkers (builders) converted the dwelling into two flats.

The lower floor had a number of occupiers during the 1970s and 1980s including Jones and McInerney. The top floor was initially let but was then used by Elsie Parker and Wendy when Loft Cottage (No:11) was needed by the returning owners.

The Jordans owned White Cottage during the 1990s returning it to a two-storey dwelling.

The current owners from April 2001 are Peter & Judith Barry with small daughters Kiera and Ellen. They have carried out a number of modifications including building a wall edging the side garden.

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