No. 74 Upton Park

Known as Roade Villa

picture of the house from entrance
For early history of plots 16,17,18

Roade is a village in Northhamptonshire - the birthplace of William Smith of Westview who is believed to have been the first owner and landlord of the property.

The 1891 census records the tenant occupants as John Davies - bank clerk - with wife Esther and 2 young sons. They also had two domestic servants.

After the death of William Smith in 1895; Roade Villa was inherited by William & Cecilia Pearson who continued to rent it out. The tenants of Roade Villa in 1921 & still in 1929 are recorded as George & Elsie Matthias. By 1939 the electoral roll shows tenants George and Florence Crane. Henry Ebrey Crane was Cecilia Pearson's executor.

Following the death of Cecilia Pearson in 1936 it appears that her son Marshall inherited the property and by 1945 he had moved in himself with his wife Leonora.

They stayed until 1953 when they sold to Lt Col Arthur French who moved in with wife Margaret and daughter Gillian. After Gillian's marriage she moved with husband Paul Stevenson to no:19.

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