No. 76 Upton Park

Now known as Grange House formerly Fammau View

picture of no:76

For early history of plots 16,17,18

The 1898 OS survey shows the property with the detached two-storey outhouse believed to have been a stable/coachhouse block built in tandem with servants quarters above. In the 1930s a further detached outhouse is shown - possibly a garage - which had been demolished by the 1950s and the current leanto garage was subsequently built.

The Smiths were the first owners and with their own house named Westview they then named no:76 as Fammau View - in those days the Welsh hills would have been clearly visible. Margaret Smith was born in Llangefni, Anglesey and may have named this side; her husband having named the other half (no:74) after his birthplace.

The 1891 census names the residents (assumed to be tenants) as John and Jane Griffiths and their four children. John at 46yrs was a retired corn dealer. The Griffiths name occures frequently within past residents of the Park.

In 1895 William Smith of Westview (no:80) died and in 1898 no:76 passed onto a Miss E Frith who died in 1906. William Shone was her sole executor and the property then appears to have been rented out - first to a Mrs.Wright and then a Sea Captain Heard. The 1911 electoral roll names John Burgess suggesting he was the owner-occupier.

The property was willed at some point to William Shone (probably William Shone 3rd) and Horace Pritchard of 70 Watergate Street. They sold to Ralph Wilson Gardner (Bank Cashier) on 22 April 1922 for 900. The earliest Park accounts -8April1921- show the house name already changed to Grange House and record Mr RWGardner already responsible and having paid for the 1920/21 year.
Also the 1921 electoral roll names the Gardners - Ralph Wilson and Elizabeth Emma - suggesting that they may have rented the property prior to their ownership. Other Gardners - Ernest and Nora - are listed under Upton Villa.

The property and land was then conveyed on 4 May 1934 to Mrs. Iva Williams - wife of a schoolmaster - for 1300. On 19 Sept 1936, she sold plot 18 and the piece of link ground behind nos: 76/74 that had been acquired 10 years previously by Ralph Gardner.

Mr T E Williams is named in the Accounts ledger as settling the Park rate until 1939 when Rev W J Mc Eldowney is named and active in Park minutes. At this time, Donald & Rosalind Mountney were residing here with the Rev McEldowney.

The property was then sold on 19 Sept 1942 for the lower sum of 1000 having lost much of its garden. The new owner was Ivor Thomas Williams with his wife Elizabeth. Different sources have him as a Production Engineer and as running the aquarium at the Zoo.

The Gilmours bought on 7 March 1949 for 2,500. They had 3 sons including John who recalls many happy times in the Park. Mr Gilmour had a full career with Shell retiring in 1961 and died in 1966. Mrs Betty Gilmour stayed on until her death in 1978.

Keith & Sandra James acquired the property on 11 Aug 1978 ; with their family - Melanie and Angela. They have carried out significant refurbishment in keeping with the property.

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