No:8 Upton Park

Known as Heatherleasince being built in 1924

Earliest history of these developments

First recorded in the Park accounts for 1925 the ground area is shown as 740 sq. yards. It appears that Heatherlea extended its back garden when Dickson's nurseries was finally sold up for housing development and Delvine Drive was built.

The 1925 ledger names the owner as B J Willis until 1934 when it passed to Albert and Maude Warner and daughter Phillipa. Albert Warner was the Managing Director of the photographic business Will R Rose. He became Chief of the local Air Warden Service during WW2 and also became an UPPA Vice Chairman until he died in 1954. Maude Warner remained in the house for a number of years and then sold to the Eggitt family who had three daughters. Another family then lived there for a short period before it became the home of Dr. and Mrs. Wakefield and their two children. Dr. Wakefield was an ICI chemist and became chairman of the Park. For a period of a few years they let the house to an Australian family - Ieva and Keith Lidgerwood.

The Wakefields then sold to the Ireson family. The Ireson's hosted the 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee Park children's party

Currently the home of Brian and Claire Heald with sons Jeremy and Simon.

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