Nos:86 to 104 Upton Park

Built in the 1960's with the first properties given the address - Mill Court - it was not until after 1966 that they were postally reallocated to Upton Park.

picture down the lane
Outside the covenanted area; the land belonged to the Mill. The mill chimney had to be demolished and this task was carried out by the famous Blaster Bates. The flats nos: 90 - 96 sit across the army gateway which led to much of the army property in the Dorin Court area. Nos:86 & 88 are sited where the Mill's tennis courts and pavillion formerly stood. These had been used in the previous decades as a very exclusive tennis club mainly for the ladies of the Park and strictly no children.

The airraid shelters were the mound-type above ground and with a coning tower. After the war the doors were locked much to the disgust of the local children.

Nos:86 - 96 are all believed to have been built by Austins and nos: 98 - 104 by Pringle.

    From the Mill end -
  • No:104 built 1967. Tom & Kathleen Griffiths were the first owners moving in during January 1968. When Tom came out of the fleet Air Arm after WW2, he returned to his career in Custom & Excise based at Ellesmere Port.
  • No:102 built 1967. Nora Stewart was the first owner moving in during 1968 from Carden Bank (no:15) after the death of Brigadier Stewart.
  • No:100 built 1967. Originally Mrs Walker who then moved into one of the flats.
  • No:98 built 1967. Originally owned by Mrs Searle - daughter of Mrs Walker. Then Michelck and currently John & June Dodds since c1980.

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