This website was started by resident Phil Pearn in 2000 to gather Park history in an easily accessible format - for the potential enjoyment of past present and future residents and friends. As an aside it is hoped that this sustained communal knowledge will help the managing Association - UPPA - to perform its function.

    Information has been sourced from -
  • UPPA minutes and ledgers dating from 1899 - held by Cheshire record Office
  • Property deeds
  • Memories of residents past and present
  • Maps,Census records and other common public domain documents

The webmaster is not a qualified archivist and this website makes no claims as being authoritative. Supposition is recorded but always stating ' believed' or 'assumed to be' or similar expression. Although the webmaster has served on the UPPA committee for many years, including that of Chairman, nevertheless the Upton Park Proprietors Association is not responsible for any of the content.UPPA minutes and accounts of recent decades are not included.

In December 2001 much of the content of the website, as it was then, was published into a book 'UPTON PARK CHESTER' ISBN 1 901253 25 2 printed by Anne Loader Publications.

Since 2003 the website has lain fairly dormant but major updating started in September 2017. During this revamp some of the links may not function correctly. The naming of current occupants and use of current property photographs are only featured with occupants expressed permission. Unless otherwise stated - property photographs are from 2001 when the book was published.

Despite technology moving on since 2000, the revamp is still in html and with pages designed to work fairly well if viewed on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

Visitors to the site with no previous knowledge of Upton Park should first read the introduction.

Visitors to the site who are new Park residents - please see the welcome page.

The following list is tracking the house number updates 29,6,72,74