Upton Park Christmas Eve carol singing

An important part of our heritage is the singing of traditional carols and what better than on Christmas Eve with a brass band, a big group of friends and plenty of hospitality for hot toddies and mincepies. Upton Park is lucky to have brass bandsman Phil Mason (no:26) as well as other musical (and not so musical ) talent. Over a dinner party in early winter 1998 the idea was born to roam the Park on Christmas Eve collecting singers and entertaining those who just wanted to listen. Phil Mason did the honours by bringing along some friends from his band and that Christmas the starter group met at the Heald's house (no:8) for a first hot drink and practice with the Bethlehem hymn sheets. Those less musically gifted rattled the tin and collected for the Honduras disaster fund. Staying within the Park; doors were opened and families and their visiting friends and relatives would join in for a few carols before returning to their own family Christmas.

Now established as an annual event; Christmas Eve 2000 saw the best turnout yet - 20 plus singers accompanied by our brass band. Each year the collection goes up...that's nearly 500 collected over 3 years...and each year a different charity supported.

And yet again we find nothing is really new and in years gone by we had a caroling brass band .....
For two years around 1980 Helen Feakins of no:48 was in a brass band at Upton High School and along with some friends provided the band accompaniment during the round-the-park carol singing.

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