Fireworks & bonfires - celebrations over the years

From the immediate post-WW2 period through into the early 1970s; a major occasion of the Park's social calendar was November 5th Guy Fawkes night . Held on Miss Crosby's field (now the site of Skellig - no:36); the local children would start building the bonfire well back into the summer holidays. Come the event contributions were raised around the Park and fireworks bought as well as residents gladly getting rid of burnable items. Leo Jackson of The Nook (no:42) being chef at the Deva hospital produced the soup and various mothers baked potatoes and later on toffee apples.

Being post-war and with plenty of military people about; the fireworks were impressive - many being ex-WD.

After a lapse of several years; the tradition was revived during the late 1960's / early 1970's by the Rogers (no:52); Feakins (no:48) and Parkers (no:15). The loss of the land to build Skellig ended the tradition; there now being nowhere on the Park suitable for a grand scale of bonfire.

While Mark Rogers, Jim Feakins, Robin Parker and Peter Measures sythed the unkempt field in late October; sons Micheal Feakins and Justin Rogers are seen here active with the hedge clippers

Fireworks, of course, had to return on Millennium night. Park residents and friends gathered at no:80 at 0030h on 1 Jan 2000 for a semi-professional display that kept the Park and its neighbours awake for a fair bit longer into the night.

A firework display at the 2001 annual Safari supper was well received and so although the opportunity for a mass bonfire within the Park is now just a historic memory at least we are retaining the firework tradition.

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