Plots 27 & 28

House numbers 1 & 3 built c1870; 31 & 33 built c1877

The 1857 plot allocation plan shows both plots under the name Wilkins, however, indentures dated 26 December 1871 record Shone selling plot 27 with its property and the vacant plot 28 to Edwin Wilkin - schoolmaster (who also seemed to own house no:5)

The 1871 census does not record occupied property that can be identified as nos: 1 / 3 but the census does note a number of unoccupied properties. The 1872 OS survey shows the unnamed property (nos:1&3) with a planview much as today but without their garages.

Indentures dated 12 June 1873 show Mrs Louisa Wilkins formerly of Upton Park and now living in Birmingham - presumably after the death of husband Edwin - conveying the double property (nos:1 & 3) to James Wilkins - a Stafford bookseller - on a 400 mortgage. Edward Edwards may have been a tenant of Vron Deg in 1874.

In 1873 the vacant plot 28 (as land 2172sq yds + half of road 166sq yds) was sold to Thomas Maddock but with modified plot boundary giving house no:1 less ground but no:3 more

Whether Maddock then built is not yet resolved but the property (nos: 31 &33) exists on the 1898 OS survey.

see house number 1
see house number 3
see house number 31
see house number 33

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