Recollections of local amateur historians

    From a telephone chat with Len Morgan (7Feb01)
    Len was a local telephone engineer and visited many homes in the area. Hoole born and bred he sees himself as a genuine Hooligan!
  • He remembers the Avenue entrance gate as wooden during his early days.
  • He recalls an Upton Park house that was an ARP centre during WW2. After the war the cellar still had many items - buckets; stirup pumps etc. He believes the house was around nos: 76 / 74.
  • Regarding wells in the area he noted that the house in Well Lane that has 'the' well is called the Greek name for a well "?????". The Upton area has many streams although in today's development a lot is now piped and out of sight. He recalls a spring in the region of the fork in Neston Drive.
  • The Upton area had alot of military activity during and around WW2. General Horrocks was GOC Western Command 1947/49 (Horrocks Road in his memory). The last GOC was born in Rose Villa. The site of Dorin Park was a large establishment. Various ACAC bases around (one in Acres Lane). Two American bases in the area; one near the Hammonds school; the other near the Rugby club.
  • Ben Edwards owned the land now the grounds of Millview school. The hollow provided the site of the annual bonfire after WW2.

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