Upton Park News

Christmas Eve 2002 saw the 5th occurence of our now annual event of carol singing around the Park.
This year again had a good turnout - peaking at 20 plus singers accompanied by Phil Mason's brass band - although our collection was down on previous years at 130.
- nearly 780 over the 5yrs.
Collections in 1998 and 1999 went to global disaster relief via Oxfam- Honduras (1998) and Venezula (1999)
2000's collection supported a local need - Save the Family.
For 2001 the collection went to Afganistan and 2002 to Ethiopia both via Oxfam

Our new Victorian style street lighting has been very well received and seen as good value for money at 5000 being contributed across 57 of the park residents.

Over this winter improvements are being made to the Avenue - tidying up the hedge boundary and planting of some new trees.

The Avenue entrance gate has been tidied up and painted black - this has been well regarded by many Park residents. A small group of 4 residents is looking into further improvements for the entrance - its proposals will be tabled to all residents before the 2003 AGM

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