People of the Park

Surnames rooted in Wales have been in abundance throughout the 150 years. Griffiths, Evans, Jones, Davies, Roberts seem to be featured during every era of the Park's history. Often several families of the same surname but apparently unrelated have lived in the Park.
Occupations or means of dependence during the first 30 years can be seen in the census records. Those early days saw the influence of the railway with railway agents, clerks, guards, plate layers and similar frequently recorded as well as the influence from Chester's booming retail trade and new small businesses. The established professions of legal, medical accountancy, science and engineering have always been represented throughout the 150 years. The post-WW2 period saw a large number of builders and surveyors. Of recent years medical and healthcare seems to have gone into dominance with science/engineering having declined reflecting the reductions in the local process industries.
Age spread of babies through to the very elderly has generally been the case although there have been periods of very low household turnover and very few young families moving in.

Several past residents are buried in Upton Parish Church

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