Right royal knees-ups

See also The 2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee party

The earliest phograhic record of any royal celebration is believed to be for the coronation of George V GeorgeV coronation celebration

But the partying really started with the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977.

In the words of one of the organisers - Jennie Rogers (formerly of no:52)
...... It all began at the Mill end of the Park. Over a cup of coffee. "well why not" "how about June 11th" "and let's have a children's tea party and an evening barbeque" "everybody bring a dish" "Jubilee gifts for the children" "who will organise the wine and beer" "what if it rains" Somehow it was born in on the rest of us that Upton Park was going to celebrate the Queen's royal occassion along with the many thousands of jubilant citizens. Saturday dawned grey and wet. Nothing daunted, our organisers went ahead putting up extra awnings, laying tables, preparing games for inside and out, rolling beer barrels into position and giving much time and attention to encouraging the enormous log fire to get lit.
Well as you all know, rain didnt stop play and 50 children ranging in age from 5 to 15 years had a wonderful afternoon in Mike & Carol Ireson's garden with three legged races, bean bag throwing, darts competition, balloons, flags, pop and sandwiches. The sun shone brilliantly between showers which enabled photographers to record the agonies of the 'young at heart brigade' as they valiantly tried to outdo each other, considerably hampered by some white plastic sacks !
1977 Silver Jubilee childrens party

see below for names

Loud cheers and several patriotic songs accompanied the ceremonial cutting of a gigantic cake made by Barbara Capstick.
Well planned , well run and judging by the children's memories well worthwhile. Our coffee drinkers Sue Matthew (No:16), Doreen Judge (No:20), Carol Ireson (No:8), Margaret Irvin (No:32) could claim their first success.

But more was to come. Back at Jim & Margaret Irvin's home (No:32), the great bonfire was showing signs of life and the tressle tables set up in the decorated garage were beginning to groan under the weight of a magnificent supper. The part assembled at about 8.30pm all suitably dressed in gaudy red white and blue and although we walked there with umbrellas dripping, they were soon discarded as the sky cleared and it became a dry mild evening. Spirits were high, the bar men were most attentive and we ate and drank, chatted and danced on the patio until the small hours, when the glowing fire drew the hardy late-stayers to sit around it and enchant the night and themselves with the good old camp fire songs.
It really was a splendid party and must stand in the annals of Upton Park as a most convivial occassion long to be remembered
"So say all of us"........
Jennie Rogers

Some of those present in the 3-legged race photo...from left to right (house number)
Victoria Matthew (16); Emma Lewis (14); Alison Judge (20); Nick Beard (84); Ben Jones (25); Chris Ireson (8); Caroline Beard (84); David Bennett (24); Joanne Judge (20); David Pye (18); Emma Judge (20); Emma Leadbetter (12); John Jones (25); Edward Irvine (32); Veronique (Fr au pair); Matthew Ireson (8); Annabel Jones (25); Helen Feakins (48)

After the success of 1977; everyone was in party mood for the Royal Wedding on 29 July 1981.

The weather was so much kinder and the garden of no:80 was decorated with bunting and tressle tables laid for the children's afternoon fun and games and plenty of traditional party food. 1981 Royal Wedding childrens party 1981 Royal Wedding childrens party

After a slight pause to recover parents and organisers then reconvened next door at Millside (no:84); joined by others from the Park. The barrels had been set up and the next party soon got underway with everyone saying we needed an annual royal event - would there be the birth of a new prince or princess for next summer?

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