Welcome letter to new residents - needs review

The Committee and Members of the Upton Park Proprietors' Association wish to extend to you a warm welcome as a new resident to the 'Park' and hope you will enjoy living here. Throughout the year the Park organises several social gatherings such as Safari suppers, Jazz nights and Christmas Eve 'around the Park' carol singing. We hope you will join us and if you have any other suggestions for events we would welcome your ideas.
Upton Park Proprietors' is an association of house owners in Upton Park The Association was originally founded in 1899 and the records contain many interesting facts about the Park and its history (gradually being transcribed into this website).
The Association elect a Committee annually whose purpose is to organise the maintenance and repair of roads, some drainage and grass verges. The committee meet several times a year in order to discuss any issues regarding the Park. Members wishing to raise points should do so in writing to the Secretary. The Park rate is fixed at the AGM in May by a majority vote. It is calculated on the forseen costs of maintaining the road during the year with some reserve for the unforseen. Over the past few years the Association has, by its efforts, greatly improved the standards of the roads to cater for the increased use of cars by residents and their visitors.

The Association also provides a specification for the reinstatement of the road, which should be used by residents' contractors should any road openings be necessitated by connections to main sewers or drains etc.@@@@@a link to this will be established.
The Park roads, being unadopted, are not swept by the Highway Authority and we therefore ask all residents to keep the footpath outside their property in a neat and tidy condition and to ensure that hedges are kept well trimmed especially where such hedges front onto the Park road.
Finally we are planning several events to mark the New Millenium and we look forward to involving you in them.
See list of Committee members

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